Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | February 25, 2013

That’s a Retarded Idea

Things have really gotten out of hand.


Do you know anyone who would say they were offended by this?  Not just  ‘not find it funny,’  but say they are offended.

I mean ANYONE?

As ridiculous as it sounds, of course you know that person.  Probably more than one.

We all do.

Last night, Seth MacFarlane set the OFFENSIVE METER on fire by singing about boob we’ve seen in film.

He also raised the bar with these…

He spared no one.  Lincoln, Mel Gibson, Jody Foster, Chris Brown, Jessica Chastain, Homosexuals, Himself, Hispanics and countless others.

It can be up to each individual whether or not they believe these ‘bits’ were funny of not.   A person’s humor is a part of their inner conscious.  And, because of that, it is specific to each person.

You can show me a cat playing with a baby video that you would be sure NO ONE could be offended by:

And I can show you a horrible story about a cat suffocating a baby.

Does the family making the cat video owe the world an apology because their video is offensive?

Do they owe the family an apology?

In the middle of the Social Media frenzy of Live-Tweeting the Oscars last night, The Onion satirically joined the feeding frenzy of insulting every celebrity by one-upping them all by calling a nine-year old actress a ‘c_nt.’

Their intent was to show the world how mean and quick to judgement social media IS…and it WAS…to them.

They were pounded.  And deservedly so.  The Freedom of Speech comes with a price.   The world DEMANDED an apology and The Onion obliged.

I don’t think The Onion needed to apologize to the entire world, but apologizing to that little actress and her family was probably necessary, but not for US to decide.  I don’t know if they made an individual apology, that is between them.   But the world did get their apology.

I challenge anyone to find something that is both FUNNY and NON-OFFENSIVE to anyone.   I don’t even think “funny” is required.  Find something  “non-offensive.”

I can find a way to take offense to ANYTHING…and so can society.

You can come up with crappy airline food and I can find someone’s who died after eating some.

You can come up with a ‘socks don’t match joke’ and I can produce someone who is color blind.

It never ends.  Someone can take offense to this blog because they are dyslexic.

Somehow, through this age of social media and excessive expression, society has been convinced that their opinions on every single item are important and MUST be addressed.

Just because a person is offended doesn’t necessarily mean that an apology is required.

If we stay on this course, we are all going to have to spend 99% of our time apologizing or wind up spending 100% of it shutting up.

That’s a retarded idea.


  1. I feel like lately Seth McFarland is trying too hard to be offensive and not trying hard enough to be funny. It’s like he knows people expect him to say offensive things and he’s trying too hard to live up to that expectation. Like, HA HA BOOBS! GAYS! AREN’T I EDGY??

    Having said that, I admit I did laugh at most of those jokes. Because actors are stupid and they take themselves way too seriously.

    And having said THAT, people should have known he was going to be edgy and offensive; they didn’t HAVE to watch. The great thing about television is that you can always stop being a whiny little cunt and change the channel.

    But what do I know.

    • Agreed.

      I was ultimately disappointed in the whole thing…it wasn’t really “him.” There are writers for this and I think they were going for a Golden Globe ‘thing.’

  2. Agree, agree, agree.

  3. Was anyone else offended that the parents did not have plug protectors in the electrical sockets in the cat/baby video?

    Seriously, you are so correct about the PC world we live in. PCness has gone too far.

  4. This is why I watch HBO…..can’t handle the PC of the ABC,NBC, ..& cBS…

    • This is deeper than just TV…I think this is a societal issue. We have come ultra sensitive and narcissistic.

  5. I didn’t watch the Oscars, but heard the boob song on the radio. I thought it was hysterical. And now I’m worrying that someone I know will see that I made this comment and judge me for finding boob songs funny.

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