Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 17, 2014

Off My Medication 11-17-14

Amazon is promoting a personalized letter from Santa.  For $13 your child can get a handwritten letter from a dude sitting in his underwear in his mom’s basement.
Alaskan researchers report that they witnessed seals sexually assaulting penguins while being studied.  When asked about the assaults, the seals merely shook their heads, ignoring the questions.
U2 front man Bono injured his arm in a Central Park cycling accident and now needs surgery, forcing him to cancel his appearance on The Tonight Show.   Bill Cosby was seen throwing himself down a flight of stairs trying to get out of his Letterman appearance this week.
Hannibal Burress finally received the celebrated ‘anti-blue’ message from Bill Cosby, except his wasn’t a phone call like every other black comedian.  His was taped to the brick that flew through this window.
DEA agents conducted surprise inspections of NFL medical staff since the agents have free weekends now that so many states have abolished their marijuana laws. 

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