Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | December 1, 2014

Off My Medication 12-1-14

K-Mart announced their big holiday sale of a 50% discount on all Hasbro games, establishing themselves as the place old people can go who have no clue what to buy anyone under the age of 20.
RedBox Announced today that they’ll be raising DVD rental rated by 25%.  This move solidified RedBox’s position as the K-Mart of the TV and movie distribution industry.
Interviews on the street with protesting Boston cab drivers indicated their issue with Uber wasn’t actually with the ride sharing service, but with the fact that most the cabbies were just ex-Blockbuster employees frustrated by making poor career decisions.
The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether Facebook posts are considered a 1st Amendment privilege and the larger question of ‘Which Disney Princess is Antonin Scalia.’
American officials announced that a U.S. businessman has been imprisoned by Russian police for breaking a window.   Russian officials scoffed at claims by U.S. criminal justice authorities who called this too severe of a punishment for the crime.
Amazon rolled out 15,000 foreign manufactured robots prior to today’s Cyber Monday rush.  House Republicans are complaining that these robots are taking jobs from perfectly capable American robots with families to support.
The NY Jets play the Miami Dolphins tonight on Monday Night Football.  Coach Rex Ryan announced that he’ll be giving Gino Smith another shot at being skewered by the New York press.
Critics are questioning President Obama for meeting with Ferguson activists late this afternoon.  President Obama responded by saying, “What?  It gets dark too early to get in a round of golf?”

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