Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | June 25, 2015

Off My Medication 6-24-15

1.  Hillary Clinton is facing a backlash for saying that “all lives matter” in a Missouri Church a few miles north of Ferguson, Mo.  She quickly apologized saying that she accidentally confused it with another slogan from her campaign, “All Donations Matter.”
2.  Today, Google add an undo feature to Gmail, which allows a sender to ‘undo send’ any email.  Or the more useful option of getting back the email from your grandparents they sent to the ‘wealthy’ man stranded in Africa who is a poor speller.
3.  Krispy Kreme, which abandoned Chicago three years ago during the recession, announced yesterday that they are coming back to Chicago and a reappearance of ‘Big’ Oprah is soon to follow.
4.  Millennials are upset and telling Hillary Clinton that if she wants to inspire them that she should pay her interns and get them off of unemployment.  Hillary said she’d be willing to settle for something short of ‘inspiration’ if ‘willing participation’ was enough to get some front yard signs installed.
5.  British students have invented a condom that changes color when it come into contact with sexually transmitted diseases.  The invention would be perfect to help cut down on STDs if they could warn people five minutes sooner by inventing underwear that changed color.   
6.  Chris Christie is expected to announce next week that he is entering the arena of 2016 Republican Presidential candidates. He really should hurry, though, since a lot of the seats are taken…and if someone needs, say, an extra seat…for whatever reason someone might need a seat…and a little extra…he just might not want to be the last one trying to sit.
7.  In an attempt to draw more fans to hockey, NHL General Managers are expected to vote over the weekend to cut overtime play to only three skaters for each side.  It is a part of the long term plan to eventually end up with just two guys in the middle of the ice beating each other with sticks with the loser being the first one to lose all his teeth.
8.  The flight of the Solar Impulse, a Japanese plane that generates power from the sun’s energy, had its initial long flight from Japan to Hawaii delayed after they were unable to provide a flight plan for the potential 115 hour flight.   U.S. officials indicated they are still uneasy about Japanese planes flying unexpectedly into Hawaii.  

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