Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 5, 2017

About Six Months?

Before today, if you would’ve asked me how long it had been since I posted here, I would have said about six months…maybe eight.

Story telling and joke writing have been a part of my life for ever.  It began as a distraction and grew into nothing more than a larger distraction, with a twist.

Funny stories turned into a period of stand-up comedy, then to joke writing…which evolved into script writing and peaked with an interview for an NBC Late Night program…which evolved into nothing.

It was immediately after that interview that I realized that I had peaked in the comedy writing world.

Throughout the stand up and initial writing years, I had a leg up, in my eyes, on everyone else because it was just a hobby for me.  The other comedians I spent time around we very serious about comedy being on their career path and they would become depressed each and every week as nothing happened.  

I was happy there. 


I had a job, a family and I could make people laugh during my free time.  I had it all.

Then it became serious for me.  

It was going well selling jokes and having my day job and then I reached for more and took a punch to the stomach.  

Looking back at it all, it just turns into a part of my life story.

Army, Navy Reserve, leaving home, coaching football in Germany, standup, sitcom scripts, a web series, marathons and ultra marathons, coaching and officiating multiple sports, living in three states, a wonderful family…we working on year 23 together.

I’ve done a lot and have it all.

It is great to sit and look at where it started and where we are now.   There were a few rough patches, but nothing too large to throw us off track.  I’m pretty sure ‘funny’ even cost me to lose a job by someone who didn’t think I should be doing that wi my free time.

I don’t know if life will ever allow me to get back into ‘funny’ again.  

I hope so.  I miss that part of my past and it is much easier to get back into comedy than into coaching professional football.


  1. I hope you´ll be able to have a laugh at life again soon. Sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise. Glass half full, time heals and inspiration flows again. I have a sense of humour that hopefully my blog reflects, and I know how real life events can take over. Something happened recently to a member of my family, I still wanted to write but lost the way I write for quite a while, there´s no way I would share such details online, so there was nothing left to scribble about. I might have got your situ all wrong! But it´s just an observation of mine connected to the written word.

    • Thanks. Nothing too tragic has occurred, just a loss of focus from being funny to the idea of making a living in ‘being funny’ to nothing at all. A complete change of jobs and a move across the country is offering me a fresh start on many fronts. Kind of like a rebirth…without the uncomfortable feeling of having a cord coming out of my stomach.

      • I could say good luck, but even better “make it work” 🙂

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