Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 7, 2017

Off My Medication 8-7-17

Off the wagon…here we go…

  1. With accusations that the current administration threatens to end Affirmative Action Initiatives, Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam is making the news for claiming to get into college by pretending to be a black man. Chokal-Ingam insists this isn’t a publicity stunt and that, even after short-lived success on the beach volleyball circuit, he isn’t trying to live out C. Thomas Howell movie scripts.


2.  Fox News has suspended Eric Bolling while it investigates reports that he sent lewd messages to three female colleagues. He claims this being just misunderstanding their request to see an example of “Fair and Balanced” and not “Nair and Phallus.”


3.  With the upcoming solar eclipse this month, on-line scam artists are targeting consumers looking for special ultra-dark sunglasses. The first sign of a trouble should be noticing a ‘folding walking stick’ in your Amazon recommended list.

4.  The Russian Government released photos showing off a bare-chested Putin successfully hooking several fish in the cascade mountain lakes this week on vacation.  The U.S. Government is countering with photos of their own after they photo shop the Cheetos out of President Trump’s chest hair in Jersey.


5.  Two women and one men are filing a lawsuit against Usher claiming he failed to disclose he has an STD before sexual contact.  I’m guessing that Usher left a few things out of all of those ‘Confession’ albums and remixes.


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