Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 9, 2017

Off My Medication 8-9-17


After a stressful summer with her children, Alabama mother of three, Jena Willingham took to Facebook to post a “Happy First Day of School” photo of her in the pool drinking a glass of wine and the kids in the background with backpacks on.  Her oldest son, Billy Willingham, had the last laugh though, as he took to showing someone filling the same wine glass from the toilet.


2.  When asked if Americans should be concerned, Secretary of State Tillerson replied, “I think Americans should sleep well at night.  Trump is using language Kim Jong Un can understand…well…he’s not actually speaking his language, he’s using a harsh language.  Or a tone…in a way he’d understand if he understood English…Damn it!  Someone get Dennis Rodman on a plane!”

3.  A new study shows marijuana might do more damage to your cardiovascular health than cigarettes.  Marijuana supporters disagree, displaying the long list of items that are healthy to light on fire and inhale the scorched byproduct.

4.  With the purchase of two passenger planes for team travel, the New England Patriots are the first NFL team to go to the air… unless you count their fleet of spy planes they’ve been using for a decade.


5.  Texas Rangers reliever Ernesto Frieri cleared waivers and was available for trade today.  The Seattle Mariners won him for a grand total of $1…beating out a woman from Kalamazoo who was trying to get someone to clean out her gutters.

6.  After receiving threats unleashed by President Trump, Kim Jong Un warned that considering a strike that would create “an enveloping fire” around the island of Guam as soon as his new General Daenerys Targaryen is finished with her current mission.


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