Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | November 22, 2011

Jake Plummer Secures Place in Hell

DENVER-After an interview on a local radio station, Jake Plummer secured his place in Hell today.

Despite sporting the “Jesus” look last decade…

(photo credit)

…Plummer had received a pass from God.  Until he proclaimed being “tired” of hearing about Tim Tebow’s love for his son.

In a prepared statement, God’s spokesman Peter said, “The Creator of the Universe was very displeased to hear of Mr. Plummer’s position.   And despite helping him elude tacklers and lead many comebacks, Jake made it very personal today.  It saddens me to extinguish his light and erase his name from the Book of Life today.”


  1. Why do people give Tim Tebow a hard time for having faith in his religion? And yet nobody ever goes after a wide receiver’s faith. Watch a wide receiver in the NFL. Every game, the guy will score a touchdown and say “Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus!” Then immediately after the game, the guy is at a strip club banging hookers two at a time, getting drunk and getting thrown out by the bouncer which leads to the inevitable pulling out and firing of unregistered fire arms.

    • Off topic here for me, but can one really bang two girls at a time?

      • Yes, here’s how. It requires two greatly differing in size women. Basically, wear the smaller woman like a condom to then bang the larger of the two.

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