Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | September 20, 2012

Office Pen Cartoon 9-20-12

A little more ‘political’ than yesterday’s cartoon.  But, we get to see three new things.

1. The President

2.  The Federal Reserve Chairman

3.  The result of having a crappy scanner.



  1. I thinkit’s ridiculous that you can draw in addition to your other talents. Just ridiculous! I can’t even raw stick figures properly. Very annoying.

    Is that money being pressed? I couldn’t make it out. No fault of your drawing. Just a combination of my presbyopia and my crappy computer.

  2. Ignore my question. I just “got” it. Clearly I am not myself today. I blame the NyQuil. Seriously.

    • You are funny. I’m the only one who really needs to ‘get’ anything I do…sometimes, that is best. 😉

      • The thing is, half the time I don’t even “get” what I do, let alone what others do, LOL.

        I do hate it when I don’t “get” a joke.

  3. You seem to be multi-talented. Awesome 🙂

  4. What is this? You can DRAW too? AND combine it with your sharp sense of humor? Writing, running, your work, coaching…

    Don’t you sleep at ALL?

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