Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | February 7, 2013

Off My Medication 2-7-13

1.  Iran is trying to convince the world that they hacked into a U.S. drone, but a closer look at the footage released actually shows Maverick buzzing the tower.


2.  After announcing Alicia Keys will be performing at Halftime of the All-Star game, the NBA changed it from All-Star weekend to All-Star WEEK.

3.  Documents reveal that the Baltimore Ravens surprising run to the Super Bowl championship was an elaborate plan put together by the Atlanta police department as a way to get Ray Lewis’ fingerprints from the Lombardi Trophy.


4.  Hallmark is taking their fight to the U.S. Postal Service about eliminating Saturday delivery after losing their previous battle with the Facebook “Happy Birthday Button.”
5.  After recent news events in the sports world, the U.S. Anti doping agency is changing their focus from enforcement and prevention to making our athletes the ‘biggest and fastest f*ckers on the planet.’


  1. This made me laugh. And the Super Bowl was the first I’d ever heard that Ray Lewis was charged (but never convicted) of a double homicide. Like WTF? I don’t follow football (at least American football) that closely, but I thought he was an all around great guy.

    • Thanks…I liked the first one the best…in a ‘North Korea rocket launch kind of way.” I could really see them trying to pass it off as real footage.

  2. Pretty sure the police can lift Ray Lewis’ prints from the breasts of any of Baltimore’s classier gold-digging professional baby mamas.

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