Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | January 29, 2011


The last ten days have been a whirlwind of chaos ending with me being VERY sick.   I reached a fever of 104, but still couldn’t miss any work due to some dicey construction commitments.

I would O.D. on cough syrup, sit in a corner and just do what needed t be done and say what needed to be said.  

When in a conflict, construction professionals do not want to speak with “fill ins.”

I survived the week with some pulled muscles in my rib cages, due to keeping myself from having couching spells during these meetings.

The week ended with someone minor league hockey…without a single fight…

…and my usual six games of reffing basketball.  That was about enough to take me over the edge .   I just ran out of gas.

But, I had shut down the downstairs bathroom in the house on Monday due to a leak and I had to make that repair today or be forever damned to the couch.

At 4pm today, I collapsed on that same couch.

Four hours later, I feel pretty good.


My life + sickness = no funny at all.


  1. I wondered where you’ve been. Sorry to hear you were sick AGAIN! Hope you’re on the road to recovery and that things will be looking up.

  2. Damn airports.

  3. Glad you made it through. It’s too bad you (anyone) can’t just turn off their life for a a few days when the bug hits.

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