Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | August 23, 2012

Off My Medication 8-23-12

Even in my house, the ‘funny’ gets lost on explaining the News of the Day to someone who doesn’t keep up with current events.  Here, I also make the assumption that the reader doesn’t live on an island shut off to society, but I will try to include links to back stories whenever I can.

1.  NASA took their new Mars Rover out for a test drive, but admits not having foresight in allowing Asian, Kim Su Chung, to drive it.   Fortunately the MAACO is sending up a mobile repairman in 2074.

2. Unfortunately too late for the Olympics, a new sport has been created and the English seem to have an upper…er…hand mastering it.  I am not sure I fully understand the rules to ‘Strip Billiards,” but looking at the photos of Prince Harry, I would definitely rule what he is doing a ‘foul.’

3.  After his very public and controversial statement on the abortion issue, the Republican National Committee Human Resource Dept. is trying to find a way to remove Todd Akin for being ‘too insensitive…’ a position they surely never thought they’d find themselves in and they are scrambling to find a form for reprimanding someone for a lack of sensitivity.
4.  Not to be out done…to ensure thousands of Republicans don’t get ALL of the publicity by screwing up in Tampa at the Republican National Convention, the Democrats will send Joe Biden to make sides even.
5.  Nike has announced that they will be selling a Lebron James shoe that will cost $315.00.  It is a sad state of affairs when 8 year-old Chinese kids are getting spoiled.  It is definitely time to outsource their labor and get them back on Kathie Lee’s stuff.


  1. It’s incredibly frustrating when you waste a good joke on someone who doesn’t get the reference. It happens to me all the time. I try to encourage the kids at work to, at the very least, get their news from John Stewart.

    • Yikes! I guess that’s better than nothing, but that’ll sure teach them to be more sarcastic than they already are…

      • Sadly, it’s the sarcasm that they often fail to “get”, which is probably why they don’t even watch John Stewart. SMH!

      • I’m NOT a fan of sarcasm as a form of humor. Merely repeating what someone says in a different tone doesn’t qualify as humor in my book. Watch how often he does this. He is a funny, funny man…he is just taking the easy road.

  2. Prince Harry, a modern Lady Godiva.
    I haven’t taken the time to view the photos, is he a hairy prince?

  3. There was definitely a foul. Penalty is facing the Queen Mum’s wrath!

    • Maybe she’s a little happier that’s he has some cool grandkids compared to Charles.

  4. Please tell me the Prince Harry story is some kind of Onion article.

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