Posted by: Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket | December 28, 2012

Off My Medication 12-28-12

1.  Obama says Fiscal Cliff can be avoided this weekend if Redskins, Vikings, Bears and Giants all lose.

2.  Russian leader Vladimir Putin, in a blatant violation of a 35 year agreement, signed a bill today banning Americans from adopting Russian children. This is a direct violation of the terms of that agreement and Yakov Smirnoff will be immediately located and sent on a plane back to Russia.


3.  After Los Angeles confirmed the buy back of 2,037 firearms this week, the City of Chicago has been seen readying for an attack.

4.  Sharks really aren’t that tough when they aren’t playing in their home field.

5.  Listening to Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans justify their playoff absence this year by reminding everyone of past championships is like listening Pauly Shore relive the 90s.




  1. I don’t know why but that video really made me bust laughing. Thanks for the fun.

  2. In Soviet Russia, children adopt you.

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